Things to know for July 3rd and 4th

Things to know about the 4th:

1. Eagle River is our home, so as our guests, please be respectful of the town and it's residents. Please don't litter, and don't congregate on any property that isn't ours or the beach. We aim for everyone to have a good time, so let's all treat each other well!

2. We're aiming to be open at 3:00 on July 3rd and noon on July 4th. Hopefully we'll be ready a little earlier on the 3rd, but we have a lot of stuff to set up!

3. We'll have limited credit card processing abilities, so bring cash to help us keep things running smoothly.

4. NO OUTSIDE ALCOHOL. It's illegal, so please don't do it. You're also going to be ID'd and wristbanded when you arrive. No wristband, no beer, and we reserve the right to ID you again. The party is for all ages, so don't feel like you can't bring the kids to play on the beach!

5. We're doing a token system for food and drinks again this year. Each token will cost $5 (there are some price breaks for buying a bunch), and there will be a station dedicated to purchasing tokens and merchandise in order to streamline the process.

6. The food station will be serving brisket and pork sandwiches with one side for two tokens, two ribs for one token, two sides for one token, or a hotdog and side for one token. We'll also have some black eyed peas available for vegetarians.

7. All beer will be one token. We'll also have gin and tonics, red and white wine available for one token as well.

8. The dining room is not open, and as a result, we don't take any reservations since they aren't required.